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Hi, I am new to Ford. Never owned anyother car beside this.
However my clock has died, the light would come up on the clock screen.
I can see the digits but it is really dark, cant see anything really..
so i was wondering how to fix this. I have no idea. PLZ if i have to remove the head deck, you will have to tell me how to do that as well. I am really pranoid with this. and i am really not good with cars so please explain step by step.
Thank You

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Same thing just happened to my EL. Apparently you have to remove the trim around the clock, which also loops around the guages as well. There are 3 screws around the dash cluster and a couple more around the ashtray. I couldn't get the piece out as it seems just about impossible to remove the tabs that fit around the stereo that join into the centre console. If I could pull that bit out I could do it, as you can take the clock unit out and change the globe.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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