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Hello all,

First time reply to the thred, but have been actively reading for weeks now.

I think they should bore the 5.4 from a 90.2mm bore to around 93mm. (I would think there would be enough block material to do this). This with the 105.8mm stroke should give around 5.8litres (351ci for the old school). That way ford can build on the heritage of the old 351's but with a new techo V8 which will smash the general's troops into submission.

Base model's to have a single overhead cam 5.8l (235kW) with the XR8 and the FTE (TS50, GT and GTHO) to have various forms of the DOHC 5.8l (265kW, 285kW and the ultimate for the GTHO 325kW)

I think the 6 speed should be introduced to allow different diff ratios to be used and still allow enconomy mode if you like when you put it into 6. This is done in the US on the corvette to allow it to meet the strict emmision laws (Read it somewhere).

Independant rear suspension should be made standard accross the range however the leaf spring rear end should be still availibe as a discount option across the Ute and Wagon ranges.

Overall I like the look of the AU but I think if Ford modified the roof line so it was flatter (less of a continous curve) it would give the falcon a more widder lower stance with out lowering the base models.

AWD should be made availible to the TS, GT and GTHO as standard with an option across the entire range if wanted by the customers.

Ute should be availible with 4WD and the V8 but inaddition to this FOrd should also include a diesel engine option for the serrious offroaders. THe 4WD should also have a high and Low range transfer case or an extra low first gear.

I could keep rambling for ages but I will stop.

What does every one think.

Irpacaus :thumbup: or:thumbdown
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