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Ford Fiesta S1600 134 Bhp
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Hey All

Newbie here from the United Kingdom

I stumbled upon this forum with my love of Fiesta's. I've been checking out all your photos and liking them a lot. I go on holiday/vacation to America a lot and have driven the US model a couple of times and really like the subtle tweaks that the european market don't offer

So I thought I'd show you all my Fiesta:

They're limited to 500 cars -

In 2 colours, either blue with white stripes or white with blue stripes (250 blue, 250 white)

Compared to a Zetec S (UK sport model) the S1600 has:

  • Tuned engine outputting 134BHP
  • Heated leather seats with contrast blue stitching
  • Chrome tail pipes
  • Chrome pedals
  • Sport styling (Stripes)
  • Ford motorsport branding (Floor mats & chrome scuff plates)
  • Climate control

Here are the pics:




Ford Motorsport Branding

Door Sill


All comments welcome :D

look forward to getting to know you all

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