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My Mark

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Heres my everyday driver.1979 Mark V Collector`s Series.It has 75k orig miles,and found out it cost about $24,000 new in 1979.It has a factory installed CB radio,and power sunroof.Its one of about 2000 CS`s made in white,and about 6000 were made total,the others being drak blue.I`ve added a Pioneer DEHP-4100 radio,and replaced all 4 speakers with new Pioneers as well.Runs great,and gets decent milage for a 400-2v.4-wheel disc brakes too!


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That's a real nice looking car,especially for an Illinois car!:D I used to have a dark blue 79 CS with the same options as yours.I see we don't live too far apart.
Still looks good from a distance! I sold mine to buy a truck,I needed one for side job's.Mine was rusting real bad.The frame too,a guy offered me $500 and I jumped on it.He was restoring one and needed a parts car.So some of it lives on. I had it for 15 years though,the interior was perfect.I'm always on the lookout for another one.I found one with 800 original miles on it.The guy's a collector in Chicago.The car's never been on the road.The miles are from him pulling it on and off a trailer,and driving to his spot at car shows.Just don't have the $27,000 he said he'd give it to me for for since I'm a Lincoln nut too.$35,000 was his asking price.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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