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my new ride

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me and my dad just recently purchased a 92 lx 5.0 stang - i absolutely love the car -

i was wondering if anyone would recommend me to use certain products on the car that they have had good experience with - i have begun to use Nu Finish polish - and for the interior i used sadle soap and then i used armor all to protect that dash and stuff - i was wondering if some people could give me some really good products to use - i know of alot but i dont trust half the people that tell me -

i was also wondering if anyone could steer me in the right direction as far as performance inhancements -
the car had

- aftermarket underdrive pulleys
- K & N filter
- ford motorsport plug wires
- flowmaster exaust

other than that there isn't much more done to it - i was wondering what i could do fairly simple projects to boost acceleration and top speed - i would to boost the horsepower especially :gok:

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Check out Banshee Performance @ - Besides an increase in hp. It looks awesome!
Hey Zack, congrats on the new the fun starts.

1. Set your timing to 14-16 degrees. Do this by going as high as you can without it knocking. You will have to run 93 octance fuel after you do this.

2. Inside the fender, opposite the air filter box is a plastic "tuba" looking thing called a silencer. FoMoCo installed these because they thought we wouldnt like the sound of our 5.0 sucking air. Pull the 3 bolts and get rid of it.

3. Clean and oil that K&N

4. In my opinion Mequairs makes great wax and detailing supplies.

5. The 2 heater hoses at the firewall tend to blow before others. Replace them, in fact make sure all your hoses are in good condition. This goes for vacuum hoses too.


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Get some rear end gears, 3.55 or 3.73. Is your car auto or manual? Also, get some long tube headers and a high-flow catted H-pipe. I would also suggest that you get a new cap and rotor to go along with those plug wires, especially if your gonna be messing with timing. Cap/rotor/wires are really performance, just maintinance.
Best wax out there is here

I think if you check the group purchase board here you will find a post about a current purchase going on.

Gears will wake the beast right up, 3:55 if your want to be safe but 3:73 if you want more stop light to stop light put you in your seat power.

Than you can do headers and a H-pipe to match up with your flowmasters.

After that it tends to get expensive. ;)
Good luck with the new car, I'm sure you will get a lot of pleasure out of it..

I have a 1989 LX, and they are much less expension to build up than the newer 4.6L SOHC & DOHC engines.

My '89 LX was running 13.53 back when the engine was stock, but it did have expensive suspension work. This included steeda U/L control arms, tokio 5 way adjustable shocks and drag struts, sub frame connectors, and strut tower brace. It also has MAC shortie headers, MAC off road 'h' pipe, 2.5" flowmaster system, and detroit locker with 3.73 gears..

Doesn't take much to dial them in..

Enjoy the car..
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