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Hey Zack, congrats on the new the fun starts.

1. Set your timing to 14-16 degrees. Do this by going as high as you can without it knocking. You will have to run 93 octance fuel after you do this.

2. Inside the fender, opposite the air filter box is a plastic "tuba" looking thing called a silencer. FoMoCo installed these because they thought we wouldnt like the sound of our 5.0 sucking air. Pull the 3 bolts and get rid of it.

3. Clean and oil that K&N

4. In my opinion Mequairs makes great wax and detailing supplies.

5. The 2 heater hoses at the firewall tend to blow before others. Replace them, in fact make sure all your hoses are in good condition. This goes for vacuum hoses too.


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