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My newly updated picture page.

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Hey guys it seems that everytime I post a pic it just goes away because of the server so I am just gonna post a link to my page and if you like you can go there and check out my car. I just added about 15 new pics today which shows off my speakers in the trunk, other stereo items and my Yakima roof rack. Oh yeah the 17" wheels are also gone in these pics due to some unfortunate bending that occurred, but they should be back on real soon. The page is

So check it out. Let me know whatcha think.
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Nice pics!

Only one question though...

"NOSHO1" why??

Do you want a SHO....or do you not want one???

Just curious.
For some reason, by having the 17" wheels on the car, people have always asked me if it is a SHO and of course I have to tell them no. So I decided to get a plate to tell the whole world. The DMV wouldn't let me get just "NOSHO" for some reason, so I settled for "NOSHO1". I can also be creative and tell people it means:

Nitrous Oxide High Output 1

Thanks for checkin' out the site. Oh and yes I would love to have a 3rd Gen. SHO. I almost bought a 99 SHO last year, but they wouldn't give me enough for my car so I decided to keep it.
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