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my ride

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Just joined thought I would stick a pict. of my work in progress. She's a '76 TC w/ Continental pkg. Not perfect yet but if your not working on them it's time to sell in my book. Hoping to drop a rebuilt/hopped up 460ci in this winter get her up around 400hp. Drive train is stock except for new 3.55's, a '69 timing chain to bring the cam timing straight up, duals and a Carter 4bbl. Like the forum so far.


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wow, now theres a boat. that town car looks bad ass, you should chop the top off and lower it a little. do you have any other plans as far a performance gose.
Thanks! I do plan on taking the top down to about 1" above the opera window then shaving the handles and mirrors in a couple yrs. I'm currently working on a flame thrower system as well. Want to rebuild the C6 and put a shift kit into it. Hoping to find some shorty headers for the new engine as well. Not going to get crazy with it right yet but would like to in the future as funding permits.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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