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I´m Mexican and I hope U can understan what I´ll tell ya....

I have a Mystique Mercury 1996 and It crashed by april this year....

Nowadays I´m trying to have it 100%....everything seems to be ok but what I´m missing is the door locks...

Alarm seems to work ok, but the problem comes when I close the door locks in any way. I mean with remote control or with the key in manual way.....also the horn is involved in this problem.....

What I´ve done is to check the fuse No. 25 in CJB and it was blown so I replaced it and it failed again when trying to lock da doors....also, I put a Multitester in horn terminals and I get 11.90 V when door is locked. If I unlock the door I get 0 V.

Without the battery connected I verify continuity in fuse 25 terminals and multitester says that there is continuity in both sides of fuse but I think this is not correct...what do U think?

What else can I check in order to solve this problem..??

Thanks and best regards....


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Hello Bert...

Sorry for the delay answering Ur commnents.....

I do have the diagrams but I recognize I´m not as good as I would loke to be readin´em.

What I wanna do is locate the Doors Lock relay but I cant find it...I guess it is Brown but hte only thing I located was de central unit alarm....It is a kind of a black box where there are a couple White relays but I never saw the Brown relay for the Door lock...Do U have an Image to see how it is?

BTW......the mean problema comes when I lock the door both with the lock button in the door or with the control......

When doors lock the interior light for the conductor door lights up and it stands like this forever and fuse No. 25 blowns every time I push the door lock button. Also, horn began to work.....

Do U have any idea bout whats happening......I guess is the Central alarm or something like this...

Thnaks and best regards....

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