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I have read other posts and it looks like I should flush out the heater core!
(I have done the self Diag. and no error codes, so there is nothing wrong with the blend door motor.) But I was just wondering If I have the right hoses....They are to the right of the engine (if standing at the bonnet looking at the motor) and they are about one inch apart with a diameter of a 20c coin. Do these sound like the right hoses?

Also I have a temp gauge that sits around the middle way and only slightly fluctuates...but for no reason? Does this sound like It needs a new thermostat? (Today I flushed the radiator and replaced with Tectaloy Coolant) So I dont think the radiator system is to blame......

Thanx in advance for all ur help!


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where the aircon pipes enter the firewall, you will have two plastic pipes (about 3mm diameter)
One Black, and one green.
The black one goes to manifold vacuum, and the green one goes to the heater tap on the heater hoses (the ones you have correctly identified above).

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