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Hey all,

I’ve inherited a ‘92 NC Fairlane GHIA.
She’s just had a transmission service and small adjustments. Still has plenty of small things to fix!

One major issue is the Air Con! It doesn’t work. Heating is fine, but the air-con won’t blow cool air.
My mum had it re-gassed and a full dye check for leaks to no avail.
What else could be causing this?
Im not full bottle on air cons so I need any advice I can get!

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Re: NC ‘92 Fairlane Air Con Issue

Run the Automatic Climate Control (ACC) Self Test. To do this, with the engine idling, press the "Off" and "Floor/Feet" (far right button under the flap at the bottom of the Climate Control Panel) buttons simultaneously let it cycle through the test and then it will either reset or flash and error code (and pray it's not the dreaded E2 Blend Door issue) that may tell you what's wrong - well press the "Floor/Feet" button a microsecond before the "Off" or it will just turn the ACC off. Sometimes, if you are lucky this will reset the system and it will start working as it is meant to. Also see Ford Technical Documents - If there are no fault codes, change the heater tap (passenger's side near the firewall - this: ) as despite appearing to work correctly, the rubber butterfly flap inside often sticks open with the spindle coming detached so the outside vacuum operated lever appear to be moving the flap but it isn't (the detached spindle is just turning inside the flap) . You can also check in another way with a infra-red thermometer to see if the two pipes at the firewall that go to the heater core are both hot despite the ACC being turned to cold.

PS I miss my V8 NC. It was nice comfortable car and as the V8 in them is a Ford Truck motor built for economy and longevity fuel consumption is similar to the inline six.
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