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Hello...I am in great need of some advice on my late Husbands (of 25yrs) 1989 Ford F-250 XLT Lariat. First of all, let me say that selling it is a necessity and not something I want to do, as it was his baby. I can’t afford to fix it up and restore it, and it breaks my heart to see it sit and go further downhill.
All I really know is that it is a 1989 F250 XLT Lariat and has the big 460 engine with an overdrive package, and 2 large gas tanks. He bought it new in S. California, so it is a one owner truck and was very well maintained. (Bob passed last August).
It has been an excellent truck and had not given us any problems. We pulled an Airstream from CA to IL and back several times, up and down mountains, etc, without ever a problem. The mileage turned over a few years ago.
Bob could no longer drive beginning about 5 years ago, but he would go out, start it up and let it run regularly. His nephew told him the catalytic converter was going bad and actually knocked it out of the engine with a steel bar. Every time Bob would start it, it sounded a little louder. Then he would have to charge the battery to start it. It has not now been started for about a year and a half or so. I tried to charge the battery, but it will no longer charge.
I sadly need to put it up for sale. I do not want to put a ridiculous price on it, but I do need to get a fair price...and I have no idea what that would be.
Bob did mention it may need a new brake line, it sounds like it needs a new muffler, and I am sure a good tune up, and of course a paint job, but I am sure the truck will run.
I have searched the internet trying to find what would be a fair price, but it wildly differs. One online valuation actually says the value is only $50.00 (yes...Fifty...and of course they will buy it, the scammers). I have also seen a truck of the same year online for sale that is nearly identical in looks, right down to the paint job and topper. The owner only says that “it runs” and the price is $4,995.00. Please help guide me in the right direction as to a price. B4AA08B0-C5F5-4126-81B5-D48EC6D2B718_1559948352456.jpg 447A4987-3F38-4300-9648-CFB320A4ED79_1559948155369.jpg

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How many do you see on the roads nowadays? Very few, if any. Or at least that's how it is here in Arkansas. That doesn't mean they're not wanted. I believe it was Obama, in the early days of his Presidency, that was offering huge incentives to trade it that old gas guzzler only to be crushed or scrapped. That's why you don't see 'em anymore. A younger generation is coming along and some would be interested in a truck like that as a classic.

I think they're worth something and the longer you could hold on to it the more it would be worth.

Around here, running, 3-4,000, I would guess. Not running and nothing major wrong as you've described, possibly as much as 2,000 probably less. California, I have no idea.

Don't sell it for 50 bucks. Scrappers will pay more than that to crush it. But that won't...they'll sell it instead.

Here's a few on eBay
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