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well as you guesses it looking for some prices on performance parts and were to get them.
1. exhust(cat back)
2. headers
3. cai(i have atx)
4. nitorous(um direct port?)
5. batt extensions(so i can move it to the back)
6. chip
7. front rear sway bars
8. strut bar
yeah so if you can give me some info that would be great.

damn atx needs to be faster!!!

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Dont waste time on the superchips... do the IAT mod and be done with it.... Also Ptuning.COM

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The IAT mod inhibits fuel-cutoff in between gears on ATXs.
The fuel-cutoff kicks in for a smoother drive, but turning it off can make your car a little bit faster. It's only $5 for materials.

But it's only for 2nd Gen GTs.
Can't be done on your 2.0L.

And it's not a substitution for a superchip.
But a superchip doesn't really provide any gains until you've already modified your car.
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