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Hey guys I?m new to his forum thought I?d give it a try I own a 2002 Ford lightning bought the truck 2 years ago it never really gave me major issues the truck is fully built. So lately I?ve been having this problem with it where it seems to die out but it doesn?t always do it, the truck idles at about 700 rpms which is average. So when I come to certain stops and gas it again th truck begins to sputter and I start losing power on the gas pedal Sometimes it dies out and at times it somehow manages to get going again. I?ve replaced the mass airflow, idle air control, cleaned out my spark plugs, intake and all & it?s still doing this. Took it to my mechanic a few days back he ran a diagnosis on it and said the fuel pressure was fine so it can?t be the fuel pumps. He also replaced the spark plugs. I also noticed that I drove it for a day or two with the maf disconnected and it ran decent as long as I kept my foot slightly on the gas pedal while at a stop it react fine when I?d take off from a stop. Now That I replaced those parts I?ve noticed that the truck decides to bog out of the random at around 45 mph and starts wanting to die out. I?m no expert and I?d appreciate some guidance thank you guys
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