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halo there..

warm regards from Indonesia..
im adid and im quite lucky to continue my uncle's project, Ford Falcon XR Station Wagon (and basically i have doubt if its really XR type?? please help.. hehehe)

and yess, I need help..
since Ford Falcon is not a common car in Indonesia, i have difficulties on findings parts.. especially interior small knick knacks (door handle, dashboard instruments, etc)

and one thing for your, the original engine, V8, taken out by my uncle.. and he put it in his Mustang... hahaha.. sooo there's a big hole under the hood..

what i need is you guys help, any recommend online shop with good pricing for what I need..

here some pic..

thx for you help guys..

adid :grin2::grin2::grin2:


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This appears to be genuine Australian XR Falcon Station Wagon. From what I can see it's in very good condition for what is a very collectable car in Australia especially if it originally was a genuine V8 model. Rare Spares in Australia will have many of the parts you need. See Rare Spares | More than just a part in your project You'll find other parts on ebay Australia And if it gets too much you'll probably easily sell it back to an Australian to reimport back to Australia.
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