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Over my christmas break i got some bad news, the guy who was going to provide the cars for my wedding (at a really good rate) is now thinking of selling his cars (two fully restored austins). So me and my fiance have to now get some other options fast, since the wedding is in only two months.

I was wondering if i could get some help from any of the guys from perth

The wedding is in mid march (saturday 13th)

Would require services for about 4-4.5 hrs

need about 4 cars (unless anyone has a limo?)

Would be prepared to pay $80-90 (maybe more if needed) per car plus you get food at the ceremony.

Time would be from about 3 to 7 at night. (1-1.5hrs driving max)

Wedding is north of the river in the Wanneroo / Hillary's area

looking for good condition cars (new or old) preferably something that stands out a bit.

Just looking to see if anyone will go for this, if not we will see what else we can get.

Thanks in advance
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