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Need Tempo/Topaz Section...

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Hows it goin folks? I have a Topaz, but see no place to post it here. So, I would like the admin to get back to me and let me know what to do. For now I am going to post it right here. Hope I dont get intop trouble ;)

Ok people. need your help. I was pulling out of Tim Hortons coffee shop one night and while I was turning, I heard a clunk and I lost all drive, forward and reverse. when I put in reverse I get a fairly loud buzzing whine from the tranny.
In forward gears it is quiter but still there. I discovered this evening that I had quite the fluid leak. I guess when I had my tranny serviced a year ago they didnt tighten all the pan bolts tight enough or the bolts just came loose. So I was guessing that I lost too much tranny fluid which caused it to stop shifting. I wish.
I filled the tranny as much as it should be and no difference. I need to know possibilities of what this could be. I have spent hours searching forums and sites and it looks like absolutely nobody has had this problem. All the problems are shifting probs or over drive probs. Please help. Thanx.

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This was added some time ago. infact we had a club here for some time.

Everyone is still welcome.
Nice Avatar John! ;)
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Nice Avatar John! ;)
It's scary........but in a good way?:WH:
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