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Hey guys, newbie here.

A friend of mine just got a 2001 6-cylinder Mustang(slightly used... 5000 miles on the odo), and as you can tell by the photos, the car has gone through some major changes in the past 48 hours...

Unfortunately, he didn't have insurance. I know, I know, how careless can one be? Hell, the car wasn't even in his name yet!

He wants to get rid of the car (obviously), and the dealer offered him $1500. The engine is in good shape, and the rest of the car is flawless...

Can anyone give an estimate on the value of the car?

Any better ways to get rid of it other than ebay...?



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I think a dealer would have to be the worst place to ask for a price... I'm not an expert or anything, but by the looks of it the car is still in good shape from the windshield to the back. That should be worth a hell of a lot more than $1,500. Shit, if the engine is ok you could sell it over ebay for more than $1,500.

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Any chance that you go to the Center for Creative Studies in Detroit???

My best friend Ryan goes there, drives a white 90 GT Convertible... he showed me pictures of a 2001 Silver 6 cyl that crashed into the side of one of the buildings there that looked exactly like this!!
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