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Thanks for any help. Just picked up a 1999 GT 5 speed. Totally stock. Please advise as to which options and manufacturers are the best to start modifying my car with. I am looking for a low 13 second car. Thanks,

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I've spent the past 1 1/2 year modifying my wife's 99 GT convertible. I dynoed it stock and after some mods. I'm almost done with the mods and will head to the dyno and the track soon to see what kind of bang I got for my bucks. Assuming that you know how expensive it is to go fast, I'll list the mods in order most bang for the least bucks.

3:73 gears (you'll also need a correction box for the Speedometer)

70 mm throttle body

Supercharger (or other power adder Turbo, juice etc)

Headers and x pipe
I put exhaust last because the 99 up GT's have pretty good heads and exhaust. I spent a lot of money on headers and a complete Bassani system (X pipe etc) and got 12 horsepower on the dyno. That tells me Ford did a good job on the factory design. The exhaust upgrades really pay benefits if you plan to supercharge it


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Going fast costs big $$$$$$, but it's like anything else, an addiction. Bobs right thats the best bang for the money. Good luck Dave
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