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All parts are new, and OEM unless noted

F32Z-6123208-B R.window regulator and motor assy
F42Z-6120556-B Weatherstrip
F42Z-6120557-B "
F52Z-13K359-BA Turn signal, Multifunction switch assy
F32Z-9C735-A Cruise Servo
F32Z-18850-A Power Antennas (2)
F32Z-13A167-A Hdlight door motor
F32Z-13A167-B "
F32Z-12B529-A Mass Air Flow sensor
F32Z-18124-A Strut
F32Z-18124-C "
F4OY-1125-A Frt rotors (2)
F32Z-6161705-C Frt seat track assy, missing 1 bolt easily transfered from old seat
F32Z-14529-A L window and Lock switch
F32Z-6584-A Valve cover gasket
Oxygen sensors (2)
Distributer Assy 1 plug wire terminal broken on cap, needs only cap, new
Plug Wire set WRE-4079
outside power mirrors, new, red
Drivers inside door handle
Drivers outside door handle, red
Rear brake rotors, new, OEM
Rear Hatch struts,new, OEM
A/C compressor, used, works fine
F32Z-5K484-A Stabilizer bar link
F42Z-9030-AA Fuel Cap
F32Z-13C718-A Door lock relay
F32Z-14N089-F Low spd cooling fan relay
F32Z-14N089-C High spd cooling fan relay

e-mail me with questions [email protected]
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