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I live in Windsor, ON Canada. Not far from Ford Town where the Model T was built. We still have the engine plant here. I have always been a GM guy. Monza (first car) , Buick Regal, 85 Corvette, 2007 Solstice GXP and the very rare 2009 Solstice GXP Coupe. All are gone now. I was well known on Solstice Forum for about fourteen years.

In 2021 during the pandemic i decided that I wanted to learn to ride. Bought a 2006 Harley Davidson XL1200C without knowing how to ride. Did some serious mods to her and finally when things reopened I was able to take the riding course and barely pass. I hired my instructor (great guy) and he taught me to ride my bike. I now have two riding seasons under my belt and I have not killed myself. I love riding!!!!

I have loved the Ford Bronco since they came out. For me, the two door one is the one! Two weeks ago I ordered a 2023 Base Bronco, Shadow Black with the manual transmission. The only extra’s I have ordered are as follows:
1) Retractable Front Row Soft Top Twill
2) Storage Bags Front Row Top Panels and Doors
3) Removable Hoop Step

They have told me I have a six to nine month wait for her to be built. They hope it will be closer to six months due to it being pretty basic.

I have two Jack Russell’s who will roll with me in their two crates in the back. Because of the small trunk and the 4 inch rise when the back seats are down …… I need a level area for their crates …..I have decided that my first after market mod will be to have the back seats removed and a Goose Gear Stealth Sleep Package installed (see pic). Will just be me, the dogs and sometimes my wife in the Bronco. Therefore no need for rear seats but always a need for storage room (wife) and dog room!

I will get the front grill BRONCO letters painted Harley Davidson Orange plus I will add some other HD accessories to her. She will be called the Broncley!

Look forward to being a part of this forum.


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