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After 30 years of owning and driving only the most economical cars (VW Bug, Ford Tempo, Honda Accord, etc.) because my family's needs came before my wants, I bought a 1997 CVPI just because I wanted it and for joy of driving it. I have been reading the posts on these boards for a while now and I think I have a handle on most of the preventative maintenance issues and the most probable repair problems. I plan to keep the car and would like to drive it to at least 200K, longer if possible. (has 85K now) Here are the questions that are on my mind:
1. If I don't want to worry about getting stranded on the side of the road at the wrong place and time, would you recommend that I go ahead and replace the intake manifold, even if I have to pay for it myself?
2. The car was driven by a detective. This was his take-home car and appears to have been well maintained. If the valve guides/ valve seal oil-burning problem shows up, would you just feed it oil indefinately or have the work done on the valves?
3. I don't have a service manual. Is there a fuel filter to replace?
4. Is there any emission system stuff that needs to be serviced or replaced? At what time intervals or mileages?
5. What is the best time/ mileage schedule to keep the car tuned up to get the best gas mileage?
6. How often would you replace the plug wires? The plugs? The rear differential oil?
7. Is it worth the extra cost to run with 93 octane gas?
Well, I guess that is a lot of questions for one post. This is my first time on a forum also, so I hope I am not violating etiquette.
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If the car is not broke WHY FIX IT??? More then likely you will fix things and the things you don't will strand you!!!!
If the valves start burning oil, which they will with these cars, I would go ahead and fix that. But replace the intake? For what reason?
About the only tune up thing I see would be the Plugs and wires and perhaps the fan belt and tensioner. If you got money to burn, maybe do the stuff like the Starter/Alterator/Master Cyclinder these types of things, if orig on your car now, most likely, will be the first to go, not the INTAKE!?!?!? Sorry that one just makes me shake my head ;)
If your car is not pinging or anything, you dont need to run the 93 gas. Time to time buy some gas additive if your jsut concerned about keeping the system clean.
AS far as the rear end fluid, I would go ahead and change them out. Probably do a radiator flush also. Basically, if you do not know the maint, history of the car I would go ahead and do the typical fluid changes and the such.
WELCOME to the site. I hope to see you post often.
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