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Hey Folks,

We have just acquired a nice little 1997 Ford Escort LX wagon. White, 150k miles, in very good shape. We have a couple questions about it we're looking for help with.

1. Is there a way to know if our escort has ABS brakes? The manual makes it sound like it was an option.

2. Our wagon did not come with a rear hatch shade. Would anyone know if a shade from a 1991 - 1996 (older style) will fit on our 1997 oval style wagon?

3. We have a dead panel in our dash where a power mirror controller can go (just left of the steering wheel). Would anyone know, are Escorts pre-wired for power mirrors? I once had a 1993 Ford Festiva. All the wiring was there already on the base model (L) and all I had to do was plug in the mirrors and switch I received from a junk yard.

I'd love to have power mirrors if they are that simple to add.

4. Would anyone know what make/model year seats might be able to swap out with 1997 wagon? Older escorts? Mazda Protégé's perhaps?

5. Would anyone have an oval radio faceplate for a cd player cut out to sell? They are frickin $69 online!!

Any ideas, comments or suggestions would be helpful.

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1. there should be a control module under the hood and sensors on the brakes for ABS if so equipped
2. yes, the wagons are almost the same from the doors back
3. I am not sure, but I believe they are prewired for them, you would just need the correct hardware...prob the easiest way to find out is to get a switch from a wrecking yard and pull the cover to see if it matches up to the plug there...then you would need mirrors and prob to install a fuse
4. pretty much any Escort seat from 91-newer, Protege 89-99 and maybe newer ont hat as well and MX-3 seats
5. have you checked e-bay? and are you talking about for an aftermarket stereo?

also I am dropping you a pm on a site worth checking out
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