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Doing 2.5 inch dual flowmaster delta40s with knockoffs(dumps) just behind the transmission for the track. Found a guy here in orlando that really knows his stuff. On monday the 3rd of dec I drop the car off. Already have the appointment and everything. Getting some more custom stuff done to it, but like I said they guy really seems to know what he is doing so I completely trust him!!! My old setup is a 2 inch gt style with the transversal muffler. Nice and quiet, but not much power. I don't currently have an H pipe so I will get that bonus too!!!! Will post pics when i get it back.:s6: :s6: :s6: :s6: :s6:

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OMG the car is great! The guy I had do it did an amazing job. All my custom work was done perfectly and he really got it all tucked up in under the car so well. I was really amazed. Pictures coming soon. Only took 2 days to finish it too. I will give the highest recommedation to him that I have ever given to somewhere that has done work on my car.

Lenny & Sons Auto Repair
102 W Crystal Lake St
Orlando, FL 32806
(407) 246-0009

Just south of downtown off orange ave. Ask for lenny!
:s6: :s6: :s6: :s6: :s6: :s6: :s6: :s6: :s6: :s6: :s6: :s6:

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Look forward to seeing the pics. I really want to get my exhaust done, but I am not ready to start doing cosmetic mods yet. That is really the only thing I dislike about my car.

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Better pictures are coming, but for now check these out.

Stuff layed out before hand.

Headers looking back

from just behind the h pipe.

My Knock offs!!!

Back of car forward. Notice how tucked up in there the pipes are! Those are 2.5 inch pipes. They are no lower than the front mountings for my underride bars. Also notice that the entire H pipe simple unbolts at the headers and then at the 3 bolt flange after the knock offs. whole thing comes out in 2 min flat!!!
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