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New Focus Area

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OK, I have set up a Focus area for you focus folks. If you think I can add more area's to this let me know!
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It's crunch week for me - I have less than a week to study for a test that I need to get a job. Pass the test - sell my Dakota to my dad, borrow his F150, and pre-order a Focus SVT that you all talked me into getting. I can wait 6 months :).

I sure hope to heck that I can strap a turbo on that puppy at a later date.

This place is a good one. You all keep bragging about what you are doing in detail, and the rest of us will read and learn about what we can do with the ZX3.
I'ts all dependent on either of the two jobs coming through.

The SVT has a 10.2 as opposed to a 9.5ish for the ZX3. I'd be going for a ZX3, but the thought of shocks and all around disc brakes is just too much to pass up. Stock 170bhp isn't too bad. I just have to chug down the cost of premium gas to get it, but the hp is nice.

I'd jump on a low mile 97-98 yellow Probe GT/GTS in decent shape. I liked that car.
My local Ford dealer says that he is just starting to get the S2 packaged Fords in.
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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