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MELBOURNE: 12th December, 2001

V8 Supercars New Superteam

President of Ford Australia, Mr Geoff Polites today unveiled the new OzEmail V8 Superteam for 2002 at Ford Australia's Headquarters at Broadmeadows.

An arrangement with Prancing Horse Racing will see their newly appointed Director of Motorsports, John Bowe, join the OzEmail Racing Team, partnering Team Principal Brad Jones in two OzEmail XR8 Falcons.

Ford is making a massive commitment to V8 Supercars, not only with funding to our teams, but also extra marketing to promote the Ford brand through Racing," said Mr Polites.

"2002 is a very important year for Ford Racing, we have made great strides in 2001 with four race wins and six pole positions, now we need the championship," he added.

"The extension of the OzEmail Racing Team to 2002 is the type of commitment needed for success in V8 Supercars. Ford shares the team's excitement as it sets its sights on truly challenging the competition, concluded Mr Polites.

The OzEmail Racing Team's expansion is the realisation of a goal set by Brad Jones during the 2001 V8 Supercar season.

Both Kim (brother Kim Jones) and I knew that to be successful in the V8 Supercar category we needed the team to grow. The benefits of a two car team are far greater particularly with development and testing, said Jones.

To be able to secure the services of John (Bowe) is fantastic. With all his experience and ability, he will be a major asset to our team and will put us in a position to be very competitive in the future.

When we knew John was available for next year, we approached OzEmail and Ford Racing for the financial assistance to allow us to put him in a second car. Everybody knew the value that John would bring to the team and if it wasn't for their support, we wouldn't be here today, Jones concluded.

As one of the few non automotive based brands to exploit the broad growth of V8 Supercars, OzEmail's additional commitment will see them join the highest profile sponsors in the sport.

"Without a doubt, OzEmail Racing is one of our most significant and successful sponsorships", said Mr Justin Milne, OzEmail Internet CEO. "We have been with the team since their debut into V8 Supercar racing and we are proud to support their ongoing success and growth."

For Ford Racing, John Bowe's signing with the OzEmail Racing Team was good news.

"In response to the extra enthusiasm shown by OzEmail Internet and the Brad Jones Racing team, Ford has increased its involvement for 2002, said Ford Racing's General Manager, Howard Marsden.

"With two of the most experienced and accomplished drivers in Brad Jones and John Bowe, the OzEmail Racing Team of 2002 will be one of the most professional teams on and off the track.

"I'm sure together Brad and John will combine to be a formidable combination on the track, especially in the endurance races at Bathurst and Queensland, as well as individually at places like Adelaide, Eastern Creek and Sandown which will all see long distance events next year, Mr Marsden concluded.

After a two month break from V8 Supercar duties, John Bowe, the former Bathurst and Championship winner is thrilled to be teaming-up with his long time friend Brad Jones.

I was fortunate enough to have the choice of a number of opportunities for next year. When Brad and I first started to talk about me joining the OzEmail team obviously I was excited. To echo Howard's (Marsden) thoughts, this team is totally professional and equally important for me, it has a friendly environment. I think we will be a real force next year, said Bowe.

Commenting on his dual role with Prancing Horse Racing, Bowe said. My arrangement with Prancing Horse Racing allows me to spend the time I require with Brad and the OzEmail team and also oversee the PHR racing program. There are a lot of advantages for both parties in having me totally involved with motorsport, particularly with the development side.

The OzEmail Racing Team are now in full preparation mode for the 2002 V8 Supercar season. In addition to driver John Bowe, the team will take on a range of new personnel over the next two months, including ex-DJR and founding CAT Racing engineer Phillip Curtis.

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