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New here!!

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Hi all, I'm new here
I own a CC Ford Escort ZX2 1997 ( CC stands for: Carbontech Composites ) alot of people know me at and other zx2 web pages.
It's nice to see another Ford web page here and meet more new people.
I'm from South Florida.


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Hey, thats a good looking Z-X2. The body kit on it looks real good.

Thanks man.
The body kit you are looking at it, you wont find it anywhere b/c that kit is made by me, and it is 1 of 1 made so far.
I have plans to make my CC wide body kit and add my side exhaust system as well + make mass production of it for zx2 owners...
Now since I found this site, I'm interested to work in several cars; interior, exterior and performance.
I'll come back with more pictures.
Hi from germany and welcome... wow, thats a pretty cool looking ZX2... Well, for my 6feet5 it's kind of to small for me... but your ZX2 is pretty cool :)
Many greetings from a german Cougar owner
Lookin good. Keep up the good work ! :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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