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New I6

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Just wondering what sort of boost the new I6 will have. I have already had the privilage to view a laser cut paper mould of the head. 4 valves per cyclinder, VCT and racing ports all provide us with something to look forward to. Just wondering what sort of boost was required to get the 210kws........, and also what sort of torque figures we are talking.

Also in regard to the Barra, I have been told it is alot more European in its Styling, some comparing it with the Audi. This sounds good, maybe we should go a little further with the all wheel drive system (4wd formally known as Raptor) and market a turbo charged all wheel drive XR6.................has me drooling just thinking about it.

Last of all, I am only new here. I am a huge Ford Fan, have owned 12 different Fords over the last 4 years, love em, always swear by them. Despite the down in the dumps times we are having I am sure that bright things are ahead. I have confidence that the current guys are listening........hopefully with the right marketed vehicle, we shall once again gain market (and race) domination...............

P.S please hurry with more powerful V8's. As a copper I am getting sick of the toggies bragging about the SS's.......

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Welcome to the board, VilkasMaximus :)

I think you'll find Geoff and co. are working hard to answer all our power needs in the coming months and in the upcoming AV Falcon.

If there was going to be an I6 Turbo you'd probably see about 6-7 psi boost - well thats my guess anyway. Any higher and your impeding on XR8 territory.

Now that Prodrive have bought Tickford, we might see the Subaru AWD technology influence Ford's AWD system?!?!?

If this DOHC VCT Turbo XR6 is supposidly going to put out 210Kw then it im sure it would probably be running at no more 6psi if that:wink2: . Even without the Turbo it could be pulling that kind of Hp:thumbup: so its definately going to be in a very mild state of tune, actually it would more than likely detuned like the Supra and GTR :rolleyes:. Considering both those cars can produce 400Hp very easily and cheaply then its going to be even easier with an extra Litre of capacity.:D

Torque could be anything between 450-600Nm:eek:

If its true all it can mean is good news for Ford and Performance fans:cool: , but buy it early cause we all know what happend to the last 'supercar' that Ford Australia built :(
My thoughts too, about this being a low boost turbo, but I bet that if popular, many mods after marker would happen.......

As for the new Prodrive deal, I know little about them, but if they have alot to do with the Sub AWD, that can only be a positive.

The model of the head I handled is the real McCoy, unless they have changed their minds in the last 6 months. It will be made in Mexico and machined using the old ctx machine line located at Geelong. The company (boys in US) would not approve new equipment to cast the heads here in Australia. Our low pressure gear is too dated and would not fit the die's for the new heads. I also think that perhaps the I6 will not continue beyond 2006. That is when the V6 will probaly get the go...........despite the $$$ they have spent on the DOHC I6.

Interesting I heard that a DOHC motor ran for 400 hours, 6500 rpm before blowing up,,,,,,, not literally...


p.s thanks for the welcome Tickford EB!
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Oh I forgot to mention. Power figures for the stock DOHC motor are 180kws and I think around 370nm. KW's as told by my former boss, the torque also told, just can't quite remember exact numbers...........................
Welcome Vilkas.Good to have another blue oval fan here.
Yeah, welcome aboard mate! :) :thumbup:

Sounds pretty promising. I've always thought it would have been a nice send-off for the I6 to have it's last few years running DOHC. It's always had the grunt, but just needed a breath of technology to get it ahead of the pack again. It certainly will make a big difference to have that sort of grunt at a stock level, ie. it will take the wind out of the Ralliart Magna's sails to have it's power compared to a stock Forte! :damack:

Another bonus is that some mods, eg. exhaust + Unichip, should produce relatively more power than they did with the current top end.

Anyhow, if indeed it's true, I'm going to do my Big Kev impression at this point!!!

I'M EXCITED!! :thumbup: :wink2: :cool:
Hi VilkasMaximus, welcome. I'm new here myself. You're in good company let me assure you!
With all things pointing to an emmencely updated Falcon in the AV model you can't help but get exited if you're a Ford fan.:mmm: With all the talk of the updated six which you're privvy to, and the impending debut of the new V8's in the Falcons we all look like we could (should) be in for a treat.
Lets hope that the Standard car, eg: the Forte is a little sportier looking which IMHO helps to sell cars in general.
See Ya,
Rastus. :)
Yeah lets just hope we get a powerful IL6 for the falcon to shut em down. Ie Camry Magna and Commo.

Who knows we may even get a skyline beater, lets just hope.
I just had to bring this thread back up! - I was bored and found this and about a million more on what the "AV" was/is going to look like and how fast it was/is gonna go.
After reading this thread in particular about the Turbo6 it has made me realze how Ford Australia saw what we expected, took that and put it in an amplifier to totaly blow us away with the BA range, Power, Looks Saftey, Stance and Respect (aiiiiye!) and Style, what more could you ask for in a car??
I was speaking to a Ford Engineer (or two) while on the FF Raid and he said there has been talk of the demise of the Inline 6 since he started at Ford in the 60's. In his opinion the talk of Falcon swapping to a V6 in '06 have been grossly exagerated.

Time for a new slogan: I6 beyond 06!
RAPTOR said:
Time for a new slogan: I6 beyond 06!
Amen to that!!!!!!!!
Should be I6 4 EVA!!!!!!:bump:
Geez, looking at the figures the Vilkas was quoting, he was bloody close to spot on for the standard six!
And for the turbo, well, we weren't disapointed. With 240Kw instead of 210Kw, who can complain!

Come to think of it, we haven't seen Vilkas (Zeus) around for a while.... he was prety much "in the know".
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