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Welcome to the board :)

I alway did like those 1989 LX models.. Besides having a couple
of 1997 Crown Vic Police Interceptors that I use as daily drivers,
I have a 1989 LX Hatch 'fair weather' project car.

The Fox body 'stangs are great cars, and very easy to work with.
Back when my 1989 LX had a stock engine it was running mid
13 times with nothing more than headers, off road h-pipe, two
chamber flows, upper/lower control arms, sub frame connectors,
and a detroit locker 3.73 rear. It's running low 12's right now,
and should be in the 11's this summer.. It is also a five speed.


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hey thats kewl !! nice ride !!!

i've got a few before pics of my 89lx, as soon as the motor is in i'll have more pics to post ! hehe... but i have not yet developed the befores....

soon soon !!!

the speed shop gave me a 2 week estimate to finish everything... i'm also getting long tube headers, off road h-pipes and flormasters, a 8.8 rear with 4.11 gears and south side upper/lower control arms :)

whoooo hoooo !!!

cant wait to spank the slooopoke z28ssssss !!!!!!!



Re: Ok.....

dinomite said:
Mustang.....thats one helluva choice for a fair whether car. Though I've always wanted to see my 'stang driving around with chains on it.........
Hehe, been there, done that, a couple of years back. Drove it sideways up a 1/4mi+ hill, with the chains throwing ice chips out behind me the whole way. Turing left to go right. lol

On the way, passed another Stang who'd tried to get out the day before without chains, our paper guy who'd gotten stuck that morning, the wrecker who'd gotten stuck trying to get the paper guy out, and the pickup who'd came out to bring chains to the wrecker. LOL

Chuck ;)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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