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Got the motor back from the machine shop Friday, I'll update these periodically :D

First few:

Just waitin' on the heads now; I can't wait to get the car back on the road! ! !


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Robin, nice car and great engine....

I gotta say though, most of the women here in this part of PA dont know what model my car is when they look at it and think a Mass Air Meter is something you cook with....

Wanna get married? Any other women at home like you?

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nice engine robin !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i just finished upgrading my cam last weekend...

it took me 18 hours to do it all by myself, but its in there !!!

i also managed to get the heads to the machine shop to have the new valve springs installed along with rebuilding the heads:nuts:

but it runs really good now !!

i took down 2 camaro z28 LT1's this past week !!!

it was worth ith !!!!!!!!

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