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I'm a new Ranger owner, well, of a "slighly used" '92 Ford Ranger STX supercab 2x4 w/ 5speed manual and 4.0L V-6, totally stock except it has a matching canopy.

I've only had it now almost 2 weeks and is my second Ford in all the years I've been driving and owning cars (the last was a pos 78 Fairmont, 6cyl/auto).

It's my first truck ever and the first time I've owned a US made vehicle since 1992 when I bought my first Honda, an '83 Civic which I owned for 6 years, ended up with an '88 Honda Accord and it's about to be sold and I've had it 7 years. Don't get me wrong, I loved the Hondas but I've just driven the wheels of 'em in all that time. The Accord didn't have the best maintenance the past 4 years or so due to off and on financial hardship.

Since this truck is in very good shape in all respects, I can see this truck serving me for at least a couple of years reliably. I've heard they seem to last forever. My best friend had an '85 Bronco II w/ 5 speed and I think it had over 200K on it the whole time he had it.

Some things I hope to do with this truck, fix the door stop on the driver's door so it can stay open on any type of an incline, replace the POS stock tape deck with something better, an indash CD player and probably the speakers too at some point. The canopy needs new hinges and the rear glass reinstalled and a lumbar pillow for the driver's seat. Otherwise, it's pretty much gonna stay as is. :)
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