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Larkham Motorsport has announced a 3-year sponsorship association with Sydney based Decorator Rug & Timber Flooring specialist DecoRug.
DecoRug is an innovative, family owned Australian company, and is currently Australia's largest and fastest growing Decorator Rug and Timber Flooring retailer.

Speaking from the company's head office in Sydney, DecoRug Managing Director Mr Bill Gremos stated, "As the founders and owners of the DecoRug chain of retail outlets, the Gremos Family is extremely pleased to have formed an association with Larkham Motorsport.

"We consider Larkham Motorsport to be an operation at the top of its profession in Australasia's premier Motor Racing category."

Mr Gremos was quick to point out the synergies between the new partners.

"The decision to get involved specifically with Larkham Motorsport was primarily based on the calibre of the people involved and on the similarities between our two organisations.

"We see significant parallels, a common thread, which runs through both our organisations. This 'thread' is one of commitment, dedication, professionalism, pride and the determination to overcome challenges and achieve your goals."

"As we look to the future and broaden our base by expanding the DecoRug operation throughout Australia, we look forward to a long and fruitful association with Larkham Motorsport and we wish the team every success," Mr Gremos said.

Mark Larkham echoed these comments saying " We are absolutely delighted to have DecoRug on board for the next three years.

"It has become evident to us that DecoRug has been built on traditional business principals that include integrity, good strategy and a healthy dose of hard work, elements that certainly apply in running a successful V8 Supercar team as well.

"We have recently recruited two world-class professionals from AMG Mercedes in Germany and Prodrive in the United Kingdom to strengthen our race team, and build a formidable engineering and management base for the future.

"In the three races so far this season we have continued to have excellent car speed as in 2000 and we are now looking to consolidate this with some solid finishes at the front of the field," Larkham said.

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I want to know is when in the hell is Larkham going to run a second car:fmad:
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