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Hi, my van is a 2007 4.6 e-250 with 14 bolt trans pan. 210,000 miles
code: torque converter control solenoid electrical circuit

About three weeks ago the engine stumbled as I coasted to a redlight. Over the course of the next week the stumble would come and go but shift fine when moving. This lasted for a few days then for about an entire week the thing suddenly drove better than it ever drove until one night I put it in reverse and it made a clunk. It felt as though something was binding causing it to feel very rickety backing up. Almost as if my wheels were shaped like stop signs and I really had to give it gas to make it move. I was in a customer's driveway at about 8pm so I had no choice but to try and get out of there. The truck stalled several times in reverse but once I was out and able to shift to a forward motion gear I was fine for the rest of the ride home.

The next day the truck ran fine in reverse but was not really shifting well in forward gear. It would almost stall every time I came to a stop and it was now starting to slip if I stepped on it hard. The rpms were not right for the gear i was in (rpm seemed to low) and it felt very underpowered.

SO.... I put in a new torque converter control solenoid.
There was some metal in the pan which concerned me but when I showed my mechanic asking him to verify my fears he laughed and said that was normal for an american car. There was also the yellow plug as well as some sort of metal clip that almost looked like a chunk of piston ring but obviously not I hope.

I replaced the solenoid on the bottom of the trans under the black metal clip. I also purchased the solenoid that goes higher up on the driver's side directly behind where the linkage enter the side.
This one proved to be more difficult to swap out so I let it go for now.

I refilled the trans with almost 5 quarts of merton 5 and fired it up.
The truck now works beautifully in reverse but lurches forward and dies in drive now. This did not happen before. The truck is undriveable in D because it dies out even if you punch it while shifting. Oddly if i skip D and put it directly in 2nd gear it drives completely normal. If i put it in 1st gear it does the same as D which is lurch forward and die.

Why did the new tcc solenoid make it worse? Maybe I didn't clip the electrical clip on well? I heard I could unhook the harness to the trans and see if it still luches and dies to isolate the solenoid but Im not sure which of the 3 plugs to unhook. Near the linkage there is a blue plug and 2 black plugs.

Is it maybe the other solenoid that I didn't replace (not sure if its the shift solenoid)?

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It depends on how much metal. Its to be expected in a car with over 200k miles on it. That plug you found in the pan is from the factory that plugged the dipstick tube. What that means is that the transmission has never been serviced.

It sounds to me like the tcc solenoid is sticking on. Have you verified fluid level with it running? Have you checked the mlps for proper alignment?

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