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Hey all, I don't own a Probe right now, but I'm thinking of getting one for a daily driver. Back in 1995, I had a 1991 LX which I liked very much. But in April 1996, I joined the Air Force and ended up selling the car to my father, who still drives it today. He's had great luck with it, but doesn't take care of it like I wish he would have. Since then I've owned a 1995 Probe GT and a 1993 Mustang Cobra, as well as some classic cars. Once I got out of the military in 2000, I got a really good paying job in the IT industry and had a lot more spare cash so bought a 2000 Pontiac WS6 Formula as well as my other summer cruiser, a 1967 Ford XL Convertible with a 428. The Pontiac sees track duty and the 'Vert primarily sees weekend/car show duty. I have a 1997 Chevy Tahoe as a daily driver, but my fiance now drives that. I've been looking for something to drive all year round, in the rain, snow, etc.. and thought why not try to find another V6 Probe! Well, I found a couple here in Ohio with low mileage and reasonable prices. And since you guys are into the performance aspects of the V6 Probe, I figured I'd fire off some questions:

1. First off, have any of you ever ran your car at the track? If so, what kind of times did you post? I'd be interested in 100% stock numbers and modified numbers.

2. What about mods for this car? I've thought a V6 Probe with a shot of Nitrous would be very stealthy and perhaps beat a few unsuspecting cars on the street! Including those pesky Ricers! Anybody have Nitrous on their Probe or have some track times with their mods?

3. What about reliability? My father's got over 100K miles on his LX now and has had zero mechanical problems with it. The only things that he's had problems with were the radio, the power antenna, power door locks, etc.. How are your cars holding up?

4. Any reccomendations as far as transmissions go? 5 speed or auto? My father had the auto and I liked it, but I prefer to shift my cars.

Lastly, it's cool to see some fans of the 3.0 V6 LX Probe out there. Back in 1995 when I bought mine, that's EXACTLY what I was looking for. I knew the 3 engines of the first gen Probes, knew I didn't want to screw around with the Turbo GT, the 2.2 4 banger was gonna be too slow for me, and the V6 was just right. It was a cool car; very stylish and fun. I liked driving it and would love to get another. Just wondered what you guys thought... :cool:
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