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Hey Now All! This is my 1st post here. We just upgraded my wifes '96 Grand Marquis to a '00 LS modle. Very nice. I do however have a couple questions.

#1 the left blinker is about twice as fast as the right. Normally I'd suspect a burnt out bulb, but this is not the case....suggestions?

#2 Has anybody ordered the Service Manuals from Helm?

I'm thinking about getting them on CD ROM instead of the paper volumes. Do you know if they're just .pdf's of the manuals?

Thanks in advance, and I look forward to contributing to the forum!

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Welcome! And Sweet ride! About the service manuals...I got mine at a parts store and dont remember off hand who makes it... My brother used to work at a ford dealer and had an extra set of the CD's for all ford cars/trucks/vans/suv's (the CD'sfrom ford)... there were alot of CD's but the info was very easy to find...

1 - 3 of 3 Posts