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Hello , I'm new to the site and have enjoyed reading all the posts . I own a 93 F-150 , 95 Explorer and a 96 MarkV111 . Look forward to some lively discussions .
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Thats the way to go! ;)
Post some pictures of your cars man! I wanna see!
RICERZ mobile..... ewww.... he he...

I've seen so many hooked up Explorers that I can certainly imagine what your son is up to!

I wonder if the first thing you upgraded on the truck was the Firestore meats? --- I'm sorry for being saracstic..... he he...
I guess times have changed a bit... now most cars are kinda fast and usually faster than what people actually need... (more speed that they could handle)

So, what kind of system is he installing...... the type that will take the entire rear cargo area, with like two speakers in a box? or something more moderate...

Make sure to post some pix.... heh;)
right now I fell right into Jerzey, but you never know where I'll be....

GOOD LUCK with the mods on the Explorer, and check out other forums on this site, like the deserted Crown Vic one for example.... (its always interesting to see pix of local cop cars, so maybe post some from your area...):p
I'm not an expert so I cannot say for sure, but I know my cars have a few more ponnies than the base or LX (LS in your case) trim cars...

This is a perfect question to ask on the Crown Victoria forum and I urge you to do so! Also post a pic of your company car.... I hope you are not beating the ish out of it, but than again I'm sure it could take it easily!!! he he.....

Move this disscussion to the Crown Vic forum please.... heh its deserted there.... ;)
1 - 6 of 20 Posts
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