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Hello , I'm new to the site and have enjoyed reading all the posts . I own a 93 F-150 , 95 Explorer and a 96 MarkV111 . Look forward to some lively discussions .
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Thanks as you can see I am a Ford Lincoln nut . I have owned my different makes of cars but will always stick with Ford products:)
It's the only way to go .:thumbup:
Wiil do but the F-150 is 93 with 58000 miles the MarkV111 is my favorite with 59000 miles , The V111 will fly and is a pleasure to drive . I also like the inline 6 on the truck and it looks brand new . It is actually my sons car and he is in the process of installing a lot of neat stuff , stereo , exhaust system , etc . He spends every penny he has on his truck and he would not trade it for anything . before i bought the truck he wanted a ricer mobile but we are both happy that didn't happen .:wink2:
Well the first thing he is installing is a new stereo system . He just turned 16 last saturday and all his freinds have stereo systems that rock the doors off so he must be like them . When I was 16 all I cared about was speed and sunk all my money making my 65 GTO ever faster .

Gee I wish I still had that car it was fast .
I'm not sure what he has but it is a lot . A far as where he will install it he is still trying to figure out if the sub woofer will fit behind the seat .

By the way what part of planet Earth are you from North East South or West ?
I have a Company car which is a Grand Marquis . What does an interceptor have that makes it different ?
I have not been here in a while but here is one of my cars
Thank you. I go to so many car boards I actually forgot about this one.Shame on me.I recieved an e mail from this site and now have added it to my favorites.
1 - 9 of 20 Posts
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