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Hello...just wanted to introduce myself...
I am Victoria...I bought my 93 Crown Vic used but it has turned out to be my favorite ride.
My (EX) boyfriend really juiced it up, adding some extras that make life even better. "Key
chain start" is great for the FLA heat! I have another car, but we won't say the name on
THIS site! Looks like some serious Ford fans, I am looking at buying a new
Crown Vic...what's the best color?? I am partial to baby blue...
Looking forward to getting some great info here!

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Welcome Victoria! I have always been partial to a CV in a lighter color - blue, silver, white - and in FLA the lighter the color the less the AC struggles to cool you down! Nice to have you here.


Welcome Victoria! Get something in a light color.
There's a Crown Vic parked in front of a fast food restaurant around here (i think its the managers cuz its always there...) and the thing has a Supra Style high wing on its butt! yuuuuuuck Ill have to take a pic of it it has to be one of the most hideous cars youll ever see... poor thing

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Welcome to FF Vicky. I've spent the last 2 weeks at my Grandparents house. They have 94 CV, it was fun to drive. I'd punch the gas a that car just took off. Even had power with the AC on. :)
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