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I just bought a 67 Thunderbird Hardtop with 47k miles and a really great body and interior, I also have the original 1967 build sheet and owner's manual. I am looking for tips, advice, and help as I turn this into a restomod. I have already found a few items that I question so maybe someone can help. I will research and browse the forums and Google but I would rather speak to those with REAL experience. The build sheet says day 2 and month B so not sure of the exact build date.

1) The engine code is a Z (390) but the PO said it had a 428, how can I tell aside from the dowel trick? The build sheet Has a Z in section B and a 357 A in section F of the build sheet.
2) The engine has Cobra Lemans valve covers, the history is diluted so were these factory items?
3) what Trans do I have? The build/order sheet has a U for transmission in section B of the build sheet and a PGA K in section G of the build sheet.
4) What axle do I have? The build sheet says 7140A.
5) Who is the best trim restorer for these cars? I have all the trim most is dull but perfect the front hood lip trim has a few mild dents.
6) My bird is K paint code (night mist blue metallic). Who is the best supplier for this paint?

Thanks in advance for your help
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