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After waiting for sooo long and finally getting my Falcon XL One Tonner to replace the Mazda work ute, I'm very impressed...but a little dissapointed in the sales staff in noting some requests I made.
First up , it's a treat to drive. 5 speed 4.0 litre on straight gas. Very impressive setup with twin gas tanks under, and clean under bonnet. Seems to go well...and no, I haven't been flogging it. Will definitely make my drives to and from work in Melbourne a bit more relaxed.:s3
Looks good with the colour coded grill (white) and alloys which are standard equipment on the Tradesman special. Along with a optional nudge bar on the front. Will post pics in the showroom when I can...even though it's only a tradies ute.

Now the problems are this, after working the config of the vehicle out with the saleman, 3 things were forgotten, which won't make my boss happy at all.
1: The steel tray that was supposed to be white (for signage) turns up black..not good
2: Pins on top of the tray hurdles were supposed to be 4" long (100mm) for load carrying purposes, which is lengths of timber in my case. I end up with pins on the hurdles only 30mm long. Can't stack much timber with them.:err:
and 3: Was supposed to be carpet flooring which is a no cost option...ends up being rubber floor.

Oh well...This will all get sorted out in the next week. I'm still happpy to be driving the Falc over the Mazda, that's for sure.

Anyone else who's bought a new car of any flavour had discrepancies like this?
Russell.(Drives an AU everyday now!!:s5 )
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