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taken from the official site

2002 Race Formats Provide
Sensational Entertainment For Fans


1 December 2001

The fans have spoken! Season 2002 will see significant changes to the race formats of V8 Supercars new twelve round Championship Series.

Due to the phenomenal response from V8 Supercar fans on 2001 race formats, additional pit stops, longer race distances, a revised point score and a twilight race are all on the 2002 V8 Supercar menu.

The forthcoming season sees all former sprint rounds establishing 100km or 150km races with compulsory pit stops. Eastern Creek, Hidden Valley and Barbagallo will include a Saturday sprint race in addition to their Sunday line-up.

The Eastern Creek round has undergone major changes creating a unique Saturday evening event for Sydney-siders to enjoy.

The 20 minute twilight race will provide spectacular racing around the 3.9km circuit while on Sunday team tactics and driver fitness will come into play as the V8 Supercars tackle two 150km races.

The much talked about Barbagallo round has undergone some significant changes to ensure West Australian fans enjoy the entertainment provided by pit stops and longer race distances.

AVESCO CEO Wayne Cattach said the new arrangement with the WA Sporting Car Club and the very generous contribution from Carlton United Breweries would guarantee longer races at Barbagallo.

"Thanks to the fantastic support from CUB and the WA Sporting Car Club the pit lane at Barbagallo Raceway will be lengthened and widened enabling us to conduct races with pit stops.

"Recent research conducted amongst our fans has shown their desire to see longer races featuring compulsory pit stops.

"The new formats focus on teamwork as much as driver ability providing greater entertainment and much closer racing," he said.

The V8 Ultimate Sandown, the final round of the 2002 V8 Supercar Championship Series will see the two Sunday races combine to hold a 300km mini-endurance race with all cars required to stop for tyres and fuel.

AVESCO have introduced a new championship point score system that only rewards placing's down to fifteenth position and is heavily weighted towards the top five positions.

Qualifying entry for V8 Supercar teams will be determined by qualifying positions from the previous round or position by car in the Championship, doing away with the 2001 notional points system.

Mr Cattach said some rounds will retain their double points status while others have been given elevated points to encourage a more even, closely fought Championship.

"AVESCO believes this will enable more drivers to compete for the Championship throughout the season and regain ground they may have lost by a poor result at a double points round."

The 2002 Konica V8 Supercar Series has also undergone some major changes including longer race distances and increased prize money.

The third race at each round will increase from 20 minutes to 35 minutes giving the teams and drivers more experience at managing themselves and tyre usage over longer race distances.

The controversial top-ten grid reversal in race two will remain and the grid for race three will now be determined by combined race one and two results.

"In reducing the series to five rounds we have been able to ensure the series remains as a stand alone category." said Cattach "This will also encourage competitors to compete in all rounds of the Championship and non-championship 30 lap race at the V8 Supercar 1000.

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What a let down they are still going to have double points. And if you finish less than 15th your out of the pionts.

Avesco are relly trying to sqeeze the little guy out.
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