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Hello EconoRon. I was very happy to stumble onto this forum. It should be a very good place to share ideas, photos, and etc. on the old Econo's. As for my self I have a '63 pickup that is getting a strong '66 289 with an AFX tranny and a 9 inch rear end. I'm not sure of the gear ratio of the rear end yet but it was in the truck when I got it and it seemed to work fine. I think the the whole drive train was taken out of the same pickup.

I will get some pictures of it as it progresses and post them when I get the time. I have vacation next week and hope to get a lot done.

The next project is going to be to get some power steering in the thing. I have heard of people that have used the steering box out of a late 60's to early 70's Econoline van. Hopefully one of these people will join the forum soon and post some pics and plans.

Anyhow... It is great to have a meeting place for the people like us that just have to be a little different that most.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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