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New to the diesel world and seeking advice. Family and I will be living out of a travel trailer for awhile, plan to travel the US for the next couple years as we will both work remotely. Travel trailer is 9,000 lbs dry weight...after I load everything the family wants...we will most likely near 11,000 lbs.

I'm looking at a 2019 F250 SD with the 6.7. Carfax shows the following: 4/30/2020 Steering Linkage Damper Extended Coverage; 6/2/2020 Engine/powertrain computer/module checked, EGR system serviced, and Exhaust manifold replaced (32,009 miles), and a couple entries of oil and filter service.

Truck currently has 33,xxx miles and has the snow plow prep package.

With the exhaust manifold being replaced at 32,000 miles...should this be a red flag or did someone use ether/starting fluid incorrectly and cause the damage (I've read a bit, only way I knew that was a thing).

With the snow plow prep package, will this cause me problems if I want to add steering supports (reduce claimed death wobble) and a rear sway bar?

Any advice or information would be greatly appreciated. Also...any thoughts on these white somewhat stock trucks (2017, 2018, 2019) with less than 50,000 miles being from a rental company gone of business...if so, should we stay away? Again, thanks for any help or advice, or what to look for.
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