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I was just reading the tests of the 2001 CVPI (235 HP) conducted by the Michigan State
Police and the NLECTC (National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center).

As you probably know, the NLECTC runs complete tests of Police Vehicles for each year,
and part of these tests consist of zero to sixty times.

Again this year the average zero to sixty times of the CVPI is 8.70 seconds, with the top
speed again being limited to 129 MPH. Our department has recently purchased some of
the 2001 CVPI's, and the performance increase of the additional 20 horsepower doesn't
seem to be noticeable over the older models. These tests confirm that. I still prefer the
handling and performance of the pre 1998 models.

If you are interested here is the link to the Michigan State Police and NLECTC tests. The
performance results of the CVPI for the past few years, including the 2001 models, are
shown here.

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i know that the sheriff's department in my county sends all the heads off their cars in for porting before they see duty. i don't know about the local P.D.s, has anyone else herd of this? i know because my cousin works at the Ford dealership where they buy all the cars and they remove and reinstall the heads.

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In my opinion, the reason for the same 0-60 time is the return to the 327 gear instead of staying with the 355's. The extra hp would make up for the gear change. If they had left the 355's in you would have seen better times.

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I would imagine that the 3.55's would add a couple of tenths to
the zero to sixty times over the 3.27's.

Even so, that would only lower the poor showing 8.70's to
something around 8.50 ET's in a zero to sixty run..

That still isn't saying much for the new 2001 CVPI's, especially
with the additional horsepower.

My 1997 CVPI with the 3.27's is quicker in a zero to sixty run,
and my 1997 CVPI with the 3.73's make it even less of a contest.
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