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Fuse 27 keeps blowing* on my 2010 Ford Ranger 2.3L, every time I turn key to on even when climate controls are off. This is the fuse for*Blend door actuator, Climate control assembly.
I have disconnected the following:
​​​​​Blender door aculator
Climate control assembly(all the wires for all the controls)
Blower resistor(on blower)
Blower relay
Ac Relay

....and even with all those disconnected and removed fuse 27 keeps blowing. One time I replaced the fuse and blower was working perfectly on all setting , colds,hot ,AC on and off, all vents, defrost, everything. I tried putting a fuse while ignition is on and the blower turns and blows strong but after a second fuse 27 blows again. So WTF!? PLEASE HELP. Any ideas? What should I look for. Why is fuse blowing when everything is disconnected and even relays are removed. WTF! I can't feel my toes
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