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I just noticed that there is mosly just chat going on in the Probe area here and no one is asking any Probe related questions. I supposed that maybe we've had them all answered already somewhere else? =)
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Yep, that does seem to be the case. But, we will answer questions when someone ask one.
tony95pgt said:
uhmmmmmmmmmm.. ok i'll post a question.. does it matter if i know the answer already :D:D:D

uhmmm.. How long was the probe made?

uhmmm what motors came in probes?

is it true it's a mazda?
Ans. to Questions.
1. 88.5-97
2. 2.0L in 88.5-92 GL models and 93-97 base and SE models.
3.0L in 88.5-92 LX models
2.0L Turbo in 88-92 GT models
2.5L in 93-97 GT models
3.That depends on who you ask ? Parts were made in Japan, but all put together in the USA.
tony95pgt said:

small corrections.. :D:D:D
the first gens had a 2.2. :)
DOH !!!!!!!! BTW, Auto Alliance is in Japan. They made the body for the 2nd gen Probe.
I told you I'd get you mad, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!LMAO:D
ProbeBandit said:

Damn Stacy you just HAVE to ruin everything dont ya. Ok lemme get this straight, if what Stacy says is true (I never heard that before so I dont know) then how is my car a Ford again? Engine, tranny, suspension and now BODY is all Mazda then whats that Ford badge doing on the front?
OK whatever, it doesnt matter, WHOEVER made our cars did a heck of a job and thats all that matters to me...
That's the reason I bought one because it is a Ford. :D
Well they only produced the 97s for half of a year. So, I'll make a guess. Is it 16,000, add or subtract a few ?
I said add or subtract a few. :D Ok ummmmmm, 479.
Ok, how about 285.
Or 631 ? Come on just tell us, please. :D
ChargerGL said:
And have a more boring Would you be that evil?
Yes, yes we would be that evil.:D
Are you on speed, meth, or coke ? :D
ProbeBandit said:

Lets smoke his harddrive!!!!!!!!

Yeah something needs to be done. Steve no more wild cherry Pepsis for you young man. :D
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