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OK, I have a '92 Ranger with the Mazda 5 speed.

I've had no problems with the drive in this truck. Then wham, the clutch goes out all at once. No warning sounds, symptoms, nothing. The clutch didn't want to disengage, so I figured slave cylinder.

I went and got everything for a new clutch job and got to work. Once I had the trans out, I went ahead and went over it. Much of the fluids leaked out the rear during removal anyways. So I drained it out good. Then I replaced those lousy 3 rubber plugs behind the shifter.One was split and they all were leaking.

I replaced these with Dorman metal freeze plugs of the same size, which is something everyone with this trans should do at any time they have the trans out. In fact, I wouldn't hurt to just loosen everything and let the rear of the trans far enough to do this as a precaution.

Anyways, on to my issue. Once everything was back together, I refilled the trans with Mercon fluid from NAPA. I poured 3 quarts through the shifter hole and finished up.

Now I have this noise like a noisy ball bearing. A dirty bearing roar. It does this anytime the internals of the trans are turning. Such as any time the truck is rolling, or if the truck is sitting in neutral with the clutch released.

I don't understand because I didn't hear a peep out of this trans until today.

Could someone shed some light on this????

I'm not sure if I should drain and go to another fluid or what?
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