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What have I done???
I have just bought a new AUII XR8 5 Speed and have managed a whole week until the clutch pedal operation started making noises at the very top of the travel (this only happens when driving, so its not the pedal) and it is accompanied by a slight grinding bearing noise.
Car was returned to Ford who removed gearbox and said the pressure plate was installed incorrectly (This did not fix the problem).
3 days later the car now begins to vibrate at 100km/h and rattles everything at 115km/h.
The gearbox has also started to rattle?? in 4th at around 60km/h on partial throttle.
Gee, I was really happy for the first week!!!!
$50,000 for a week of happiness??
By the way the car has only just covered 2000km.
Anybody suggest anything or had similar problems?

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drive shaft ballance? under warranty?pressure plate? someone has done a bodgy to fix to sell.quick fix.take it back be assertive
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