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Hi all, I've had some issues with the starter on my mk1 cortina 1500 precrossflow. It's been noisy on startup. I was told it may be due to the wrong bendix,as in should be 10 tooth rather than the 9 stated in any manuals I've seen. I tried the ten tooth and while it worked it was still noisy. I've just replaced the bendix with a new 9tooth and as new unmarked ring gear. It's lot better but still has a bit} of a strange noise. Anyone else had this problem. T. I. A. Myles

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You dont say what year , assume it's an inertia starter as opposed to pre engaged ?


Ford Escort Mk1
(** 1968- 70 Only **)

(950cc, 1100cc & 1300cc)

( With Inertia Type Starter Motor Only )

From 1968- Oct 70 this ring gear is 10.048" Inside Diameter (255.22mm).

fterwards they made it a bit bigger at 10.167" Inside Diameter (258.25mm) -

I advise you to measure rather than rely on the Reg Date.

(As an extra check, for this model the Inertia Type Ring Gear has 110 Teeth and the Pre-Engaged has 132 Teeth)


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