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Bring Back the 24hr!!!
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Guys, a little pre warning that Fordforums will be down between the hours of<b> 2pm and 4pm </b> or thereabouts On thursday the 7th of June.
This will be for a server upgrade.

Don't you love the way they cut in on our prime posting time ?!?
;) :D
j/k guys
It'll be well worth the downtime I'm sure, keep up the good work :thumbup:

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This time is of course australian time.

It will happen between 11pm and 1am.

We are migrating the databases to a new server. That is right a New server. We are keeping this bad boy to do the webservices and mail. The other server that we are adding will be for the database ONLY. Meaning that we will have some serious ground pounding speed on this site. Once again FF is going above and beyond what is needed.

This is being done to prepare for some serious things coming to fruit for this site and another site of mine.

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